Projects and Pieces

Besides numerous compositions developed with JMSL, this page was created to feature compositions written with MaxScore. Please send us information, if you want your MaxScore project or piece to be listed here.

Nicolas Collins

  • Roomtone Variations (2011).

I use a feedback system for finding the strong resonances (basically a 24 filter version of the Sabine Feedback Exterminator), and convert the fcs to their nearest tempered equivalent. I then “fold” the full range down, by octaves, to progressively narrower ranges — this latter tactic came from experiments I was doing on what I call “the fallacy of octave equivalence” (intervals change feeling with spread), about which I got into extended correspondence with Christian Wolff. The result is the closest I’ve come in 40 years to serial composition.

I’ve included a pdf of typical notation sets and the final nulling filter set.
Thank YOU guys for all the custom work & advice — I hope I can do it justice. Nic

Nic has updated his “scores” page to include Roomtone Variations and he has uploaded the score, as well. URL to his page of scores is here: Or just a link to score:

Arne Eigenfeldt

  • One of the Above #3.
MaxScore has changed the way I work with Max (which I’ve been using since 1991). Since I’m trained as a composer, I feel most comfortable when I can see my music represented symbolically, and MaxScore allows for that seamlessly. My research into generative systems incorporating genetic algorithms, multiagent systems, and ALife approaches now find their “voice” in notated music. In December 2011, my research group presented a concert of Musical Metacreation (computationally creative systems that produce music that should be indistinguishable from human-composed), in which MaxScore was indispensable. My software generated compositions (using a multi-stage genetic algorithm) that were sent to MaxScore, and the data saved as MusicXML files, which were imported into Finale and performed by musicians. (I’ve included an example finished score for solo percussionist) Our next project (May 2012) will involve live score generation for an ensemble.


Daniel Dominguez Teruel

  • Pentaloculisms (2011). network music performance.

Georg Hajdu

  • Ivresse ’84 (2007) for violin, 4 laptop players and video
  • Just Her • Jester • Gesture (2010) for interactive kalimba and electronics
  • schwer…unheimlich schwer (2009/11) for bass clarinet, violin/viola, piano and percussion
  • Swan Song (2011) for cello, percussion and interactive media

Johannes Kretz

Fredrik Olofsson

Peter Votava (aka pure)

I am just recovering from our recent Heart Chamber Orchestra performance at the Pixelache Festival in Helsinki last sunday – the first one with maxscore. Here is a picture taken through the rehearsals showing 12 maxscores obeying to my realtime composition sent via udp.Here’s a picture that shows how it looked from the other side during the concert. We are working on a video documentation which will soon be online on our Website. Thanks again for all your help – I will for sure continue working with maxscore so you will here back from me some time. Best, Peter



    dear BRIDGERS, I am studying for my thesis at this moment . I wonder of you can be a bit simpler on what I need to buy to do this online composition. The website is over kill on info , I just want to spend a few weeks on live and interactive music composition from Cork School of Music, Ireland

    please reply to me , thanks a lot, Martin Burns

    June 10, 2011 at 11:49 am

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