MaxScore requires a JMSL license to run. With a JMSL license you can use MaxScore and develop music software using JMSL’s Java API, as well as use JMSL’s standalone score editor and support for the JSyn sound synthesis API.

Note that we have introduced a new license for people exclusively interested in using MaxScore for patching in Max or notation in Ableton Live. We believe there may be users who have no interest in Java programming, minimal Max programming, and are focused on using MaxScore to bring notation to their environments of choice. This  “LIVE” license disables some Java-only features in JMSL, like the Java standalone score editor, and support for the JSyn synthesis API. The majority of users would not notice these missing features, so we believe that disabling some of JMSL’s features for a reduced-cost license is a fair deal.

Follow the link to in order to purchase the license type that fits your needs.

Contact us at if you have further questions.