Installation Check

There are a few variables during the installation process which might prevent LiveScore to successfully display music notation, such as in this example:

In order to sort out the possible reasons, we have created a LiveScore JavaTest device which is capable of testing the three most common scenarios:

  • Java has the wrong architecture or is not installed at all
  • MaxScore/LiveScore is not authorized, i.e. the JMSL license has not been properly installed
  • The MaxScore resources have been installed into the wrong location

To start the test in Ableton Live, drag the LiveScore.Java test device into a MIDI track and click the Check Java button:

If the test turns out negative, you’ll be asked to download a version of Java which is appropriate for your Live version. For this a button on the bottom of the device will appear.  If it turns out positive, another button appears letting you test your MaxScore installation.

If your MaxScore installation turns out to be in the wrong location, you will need to reinstall the files. Please don’t deviate from the instructions given on the Download page.  Select valid a Max folder only and do not rename or move the folder afterwards.

In another step, you can check your license status. Mind that with the current versions of the MaxScore installers, no additional licenses are required until the expiration date. If your version of MaxScore has expired simply download the new version.

If your MaxScore installation is in order, and you can still not see any music, click on the Open Max for Live Console to copy and mail its content to (you may need to take screenshots).