Latest developments and news about MaxScore
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New style editors and features

  • MaxScore now comes with a set of editors for the creation of staff styles:
  1. Tablature editor for non-standard instruments or scordatura
  2. Clef Designer for non-standard and rare clefs as well as OpenMusic-style multi-stave systems
  3. Editor for the Bohlen-Pierce chromatic scale and its triple and quintuple subdivisions  in Müller-Hajdu notation
  • Microtonal playback via Thomas Hummel’s conTimbre orchestral sound bank is now supported.
    A new playback module is capable of reading conTimbre’s cePlayerOrc files and communicating with the  ePlayer via udp messages on its default port.
  • The Scala archive has now been included in a searchable SQLite data base. The database consists of 4600+ items and can be searched according to number of steps, pitch value and comment.
  • Auto beaming: Beam groups can now be defined for any time signature.
  • Removal of left margin: The left margin of a measure can now be removed for accurate space notation.

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