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Max 7 Compatibility

MaxScore does run on Max 7, but there are a few caveats, particularly on Mac OS X.

  1. Graphically, certain items will look a bit different since Max’s GUI has been altered considerably. This shouldn’t affect MaxScore’s functionality but calls for some changes on our side as well.
  2. Since the Max is an application bundle now without an enclosing folder, all resources will have to be moved to another location (e.g. /Users/Shared/Max 7/Packages). This breaks the MaxScore/LiveScore Editors’ reliance on files being in a certain fixed location. We have already found a solution which will be included in MaxScore 0.7, to be released within just a few weeks from now. Plain vanilla MaxScore will work in any cases, but as stated before, the files (and the Java jars in particular) will have to be moved to a new location. On Windows, things should continue to work as expected, though.

If you can’t wait for the new release, please contact me via email at for instructions as to where to move MaxScore files in Max 7.

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