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MaxScore 0.7 is nearing completion

New features:

  • MaxScore’s editor is going to feature a brand new method to work with microtonal music. Staff styles, available since v. 0.4 have now been modularized; meaning that users can create their own style definitions and make them accessible via a new plugin structure. An example would be the notation of 19EDO in which c# and db are enharmonically distinct notes and e# as well as b# are being used to complete its 19 pitch classes. Each staff can have its own style and notes when copied and pasted between staves are instantly converted to the appropriate style while original pitch is respected during playback .
  • There has also been an overhaul of how sequenced messages (introduced in v. 0.6) are being treated, currently accessible via the slot button the attribute tool. Every message is now associated with a note or interval, so that no information is potentially lost when notes are modified. The editor holds all messages in a dictionary which is constantly being updated to reflect user modifications. All renderedand sequenced messages are now being saved in a compressed format to decrease redundant code. A converter (see File>Convert Old Format) will make sure that files saved in the old format are still legible.
  • Large parts of the editor have been rewritten in JavaScript, an effort that will continue over the next years. The reason is that JavaScript files in most cases are more compact and easier to handle than Max patches, particularly when it comes to recursive structures or just simple loops. There is one things though which JavaScript can’t beat: the visual programming paradigm which harnesses our brain’s capability of spacial thinking and the ease at which patches can be generated for prototyping.
  • The LiveScore Viewer now allows basic editing using keyboard shortcuts and the LiveScore Editor will offer the possibility to embed a score file into a Live set via the Commit to Live Setmenu item.

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