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MaxScore 0.6

This version of MaxScore sports bug fixes and adds new features.

1. MaxScore object:

– Reworked undo/redo system reliably working under all circumstances.

– Rendered messages can also be attached to rests.

2. LiveScore/MaxScore editors:

– Character browser for the Picster Quick Text tool: Find and insert any unicode character from any notation font and other font you can find on the Net/your hard drive.

– Slot editor for sequence-able messages including breakpoint functions. These messages, attached to notes via the Note Attributes floating palette, can be routed during playback to any destination within your Max or Live applications and used to control parameters and attributes. A feature allowing you to drive automation of Live devices directly from within your score will be available soon.

Check For New Version option in the File menu will check whether the installed MaxScore version is the most recent and will allow you to download the current installer  from the Internet.

– A Fit Selected Measures Into One System menu command now gives you more control over the layout of a page.

– And, of course, tons of bug fixes…

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